Wall Marks Part 2

I spent a few hours in the gallery space today for 6 in Studio.
The plan now is to sew lengths of cut red transparency plastic and hang it in front of the marks on the wall.
All this work, my ideas, and results are borne from a sense of stream-of-consciousness.
One of my studio-mates asked me whether I had predetermined to hang the sewn red strips in front of the wall. 
"No", "It came to me this morning when I remembered that I had a rogue piece of red transparent paper".

I am using what I already have in my stash of stuff, except for the red marker.

This studio mate gave me great ideas for lighting the work. She's a professional photographer who works at the NASA-Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. I'm pleased at the quality and commitment  each artist is giving to this event.

I'll be at the gallery/studio next Sunday, we'll see what develops.