Milk, Wait, Want


Wait *
I've been experimenting with eco-dye techniques a la India Flint .
in the studio of a woman who makes puppets and other fantastical costumes.

We used milk to premordant cotton Union Suits with milk and let them dry
then used leaves, kitchen discards and green waste from a local florist shop to let them work their colorful magic.

P.S. Did I mention India is coming to Cleveland this Fall? See my post here.

* DISCLAIMER: For those of you who might bristle that we used pots on a stove in-doors, please note that the stove is located in a area away from the studio in an empty (non-inhabited) small room attached to the studio. the window was open and the space is not heated was cold.
It is not a good practice to do this in a home where people live and who might breathe in any potential nasty vapors from simmering plant material.