Leaving Home

This is me and my mom in June, 1973. My mom was 54 with curlers in her hair has she performed yard work, sweeping and cleaning in the back yard at our little cottage-style home in Lakewood, Ohio.  Later, she'd be going dancing with my dad as they did every Saturday night at the Slovak Civic Club.
I was 13.
Now she is 93 and I am 51. 

I'm still at my mom's side. Watching her as she enters the end of her life. 

We've called in Hospice Care and are watching over her, listening to her stories, and caring for her as her body declines and her skin and bones now move against each other without a layer of body fat to cushion her from discomfort.

She says to me, "40 years ago, I was 50, you're going to live a long life". I can only hope it is true.