Regret: Undo, Cntrl + Z, Reply All

Kathryn Schulz
the world's leading wrongologist
Author, Journalist, Public Speaker

Apropos of this time of year, when we tend to think about what we've done. 
Good. Bad. Unfortunate.
You may agree (or not) with what Kathryn says. I like it.

I encourage you to watch the video to the very end, it's well worth it.

 "If we have goals and dreams and we want to do our best, and if we love people and we don’t want to hurt them or lose them, we should feel pain when things go wrong. The point isn’t to live without any regrets, the point is to not hate ourselves for having them… We need to learn to love the flawed, imperfect things that we create, and to forgive ourselves for creating them. Regret doesn’t remind us that we did badly — it reminds us that we know we can do better.”

She wrote Being Wrong, Adventures in the Margin of Error

What do you think about regret?