Printmaking for Barter

Zygote Press
Cleveland, Ohio

Do you want access to printmaking, but don't have the money? 
Do you live in Cleveland or nearby?
You can barter for print facility access at Zygote Press.
See this note from Liz Maugans at Zygote Press in Cleveland!

Hello everyone-
As fall nears, Zygote is currently recruiting volunteers (interns) who would like to help out in the printshop-office for barter access to presses and facilities. We are looking for peoplewho want to utilize the shop in exchange for press-time hours. Incentives like ...taking free classes, participating in group projects and being apart ofa dynamic shop are benefits of this opportunity. We ask for 10 hours in exchange for shop access per month. If interested, please contact: intern coordinator Elizabeth Emery at emeryspeaking@gmail.comThanks,Liz Maugans


I have used Zygote Press facilities and they are amazing. I would have never been able to use presses or inks if it weren't for Zygote. I learned a great amount of information about printmaking just by showing up!