Humbled and Happy on a Hot day in Cleveland

Arrived at my door today:
In this photo: Book Jacket - Second Skin, Choosing and Caring for Textiles and Clothing
mailing package, and the black linen I'm currently stitching with wool/silk thread.
the new book by India Flint, Second Skin.
One of my pieces can be found in the Gallery chapter, on p. 174-75.
286 pages 
Approximately 9" x 11" x 1" deep.
all images by permission ©India Flint, 2011.
But you'll have to order your own copy to behold the deliciously-filled,  gorgeously designed book. It was printed on 100% recycled paper and feels good in your hands. Ah!

I am giggling with delight that Murdoch Books champions India Flint. Furthermore, the book designer, Toyoko Sugiwaka, created a beautiful layout and design to complement India's writing and artwork. 

This book is a masterpiece. 
To read it is to hear India's voice, smooth and strong, dispensing abundant information amid mouth-watering photos about selecting and caring for textiles and clothing while using less of our earths non-renewable resources.

I am humbled to have been included in such an important and timely publication. India has also included the work of other wonderful artists with whom you may be acquainted like Dorothy Caldwell, Jude Hill, Anu Touminen, and several more who work with pre-used materials.

Thank you India. 
Off to read every lovely page...
And if you don't already own a copy, make sure you pick up her first book, 
Eco Colour