Threadlike Marks

Danielle Mysliwiec

Oil on wood panel
18 x 18 inches
Oil on wood panel
24 x 18 inches

Oil on Wood Panel
24" x 18"

(Detail) Fortress
     All images copyright of Danielle Mysliwiec, 1998-2011

When I saw Danielle's paintings, I thought that these must be stitched marks. 
How can this be a painting?
I wrote to Danielle. 
She graciously wrote back a nice statement about her work.
I remain intrigued and could look at these paintings all day long in amazement.
Please feel free to explore her website here

"In my recent body of work I have been creating oil paintings and works on paper that present themselves as woven abstractions. In order to push the boundaries of the material, I have experimented with creating unfamiliar textures or “brushstrokes” with the paint by extruding it to create a threadlike mark that is repeatedly applied and which slowly builds a three dimensional surface. The paintings present multiple experiences depending on the viewer’s place in the room and the textures respond to the changing light of the day, creating images that are in constant flux as shadows shift and detail is highlighted or hidden."