Embroidery in New York City

If you are in New York City sometime between now and July 2, 2011, there's a terrific show of embroidery artwork  at the Heskin Contemporary

Two artists from 2 countries using embroidery and stitching techniques in 2 different contexts.

Jazmin Berakha
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Images, permission of the artist 
I appreciate Jazmin's use of pattern to create the positive spaces in her compositions. 
These glimpses into daily life of girls are fun and thoughtful.
I don't know the titles or sizes of her work. 
Jazmin, if you read this, please comment!

Nicola Ginzel 
Monochromatic Fragment, No. 2
cardboard matchbox, thread
2.25" x 3.75"

Nicola's work contains the anthropological cast-offs and detritus of life that  many of us are attracted to and incorporate in our own artwork via collage work and other mixed media techniques.

Please take time to browse both of their websites. 
Jazmin Here and Nicola Here.