Monothon Month

Zygote Press
Cleveland, Ohio
It's been 20 years since I've used a printing press.
Liz Maugans at Zygote Press invited me to participate in a month-long event making monoprints for the annual Monothon* event.
Here's some of what I did 

I found two small cotton tea towels and affixed fabric circles to the surface of them
and mixed up inks to my own color liking.
and ran them through the press and printed them on Rives BFK 100% cotton rag paper.
this photo: Mary Ann Tipple

This picture is a print. 
Not the actual towels.
Same two towels using a olive green ink

Same 2 towels using a mix of a sick pink.  I cut them out after they were printed, and have done a little stitching, these are paper, not fabric.

I'll take pictures of the final two prints I created for the Holiday Show opening on Dec. 4th and post them.

*Monothon is an annual event at Zygote Press that encourages regional artists to come to Zygote and try their hand at making prints. This year, we welcome artists: Mark Yasenchak,Chris Mauersberger, Dante Rodriguez, Kristin Bly, MarkKeffer, Stephen Yusko, Gadi Zamir, Darius Steward, and Hilary Aurand. A selection of their prints will be exhibited at our OFF THEWALL Holiday show, and sales will benefit Zygote Press.