Paper Space

Yuko Takada Keller
Born in Japan
Current lives in Helsinge, Denmark

Spring Sea / 2005
150cm x 330cm x 330cm 
(approximately 60 x 130 x 130 inches)
Installation, tracing paper

Life of the Blue, 2000
Public Collection / Portalen in Greve, Denmark. material: polypropylene

Yuko Takada Keller is a Japanese paper artist who has been living in Denmark since 1997.
Life of the Blue is comprised of 50,000 small triangles cut from tracing paper.
It was made after her mother died in 1999 as a meditation about life. She says “There are many important things (life) around us, but we can't find them, because we haven't tried to see carefully."

Prismatic, 1989
200 x 200 x 200 cm
(approximately 78 x 78 x 78 inches)
Fabrication, tracing paper

Yuko writes, "Prismatic... is one of my favorite works. It is composed of 7,500 pyramids."
This work represents the shower of light she feels from nature.

Her work can fill a room, but doesn't overwhelm the space. 
She has eight galleries of artworks on her website. 
I encourage you to make a pot of tea and browse for a while here.