Anna Torma

Anna Torma 
Born in Tarnaors, Hungary 
Now lives in Baie Verte, New Brunswick.  

 FLORA, 2008
Hand embroidery on silk, appliqué and reverse appliqué with silk threads, 80 x 80 cm

Playground III 2008 
Hand Embroidery , 84 x 84 cm
Draw Me a Rose II 2006 
Hand Embroidery on linen, silk threads , 150 x 135 cm

Anna uses bits and pieces of found cloth, silk, old scraps of fabric, and personal ephemera including the childhood drawings of her two sons to stitch a 'story' together. 

Anna Torma writes "I feel I am a storyteller, using my private diary pages with drawings, text and paintings form both my early experiences in Hungary and my recent life in Canada."

I long to see these works in person and I imagine you would too. 

I hasten to say that I feel a strong sense of awe and wonder at her intriguing style and numerous works please visit her website here.