Upcycled Art with a twist

Catherine McEver
Oakland, CA, USA

The woman who drives this car
1978 Chevy Nova

Makes art out of rubble and bits and pieces, odds and ends, dumpster dives to find treasures and makes happiness happen.

Who doesn't want a lettuce baby shoe?
Perhaps as an art print? It can be yours here!

Embroidered Wonder Bread 

Duck Sampler Art Print

 A print of this image is also available on her Etsy shop here!

Catherine has an engaging blog.
A few of the many images of her art she shares there . 
One can spend a pleasant cup of tea browsing through her creations and never tire. The tea might go cold for you'll be curious to see what lies next on her older blog posts.

Catherine writes: 
"Find a stone, hang it up, thwart gravity. 
Fashioned from stones, found rubble, and knitted steel."

Catherine writes: 
"Go to a meeting, get another plastic name tag, 
throw it away, and fill the world with yet more garbage? I don't think so!"

I say Amen Sista!
Gravity Makes No Sense
One of a series of heavily embroidered kitchen aprons, each examining a different science topic in depth. 

Catherine writes of herself...   
I make my own clothes, and some days realize I’ve made everything I have
on including my pocketbook (fashioned out a recycled truck tire inner tube) except my underwear.

If you're feeling blue or yellow or red or green, please click over to her blog
It's called: Stuff You Can't Have. 
I want it all.