Study Hall with my friend and some thrift store finds

Spending time in study, contemplation and stitching. 
Deconstructing silk blouses and other thrift store goods.

I found this lovely red linen blouse and decided to make some stitched marks on the back.
(Ann Klein brand red linen blouse $2.24)
I throw a few stitches in each day and then...
My favorite BRRG and I are spending these hot summer days making 
jewelry using only materials we find at thrift stores. 

All the chains and baubles and bits are sourced from clothing, shoes, purses and whatnot. 

This pink crocheted flower came from a more elaborate crocheted 
 pillow case edging.
It's now a necklace.

Old clip-on earrings, a shoe buckle and bits of material wrapped and bundled suspended by a chain. Some of that chain used to be a purse handle, while other bits are from the jewelry counter all thrift store!

Shiney silver mesh belt ($.50 cents). Cut into pieces, a recycled crocheted flower (from a doily $.49 cents)
a button and voila...cuffs or ???

Eco-dyed silk cuff I dyed last week should I attach some of that flashy silver mesh?
Not sure. 
but sure am having fun.

I rather like these objects as an installation in my studio.