FiberArt International and Food

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Opps, that's not a picture of FiberArt International!
I can't really show pictures because I don't know whether that would be OK on my blog. I think I should get approval from the artists before posting pictures....

Therefore, I proceed to our lunch today in Pittsburgh.

This is Dozen Bake Shop

When visiting Pittsburgh, one must visit Dozen Bake Shop. 
image via
This is one of the owners, James.
We met him in 2007 and highly suggested to him that Cleveland, Ohio needs his shop.
Maybe within the next few years, he says.
My good friend and fellow artist, Christy Gray.
We split a roasted red pepper and goodness quiche with watermelonaide. yum
then washed it down with chocolate ice cream from Jeni's (made in Ohio) and a vanilla/vanilla cupcake.

While I'm sharing Food pictures 
Feast your eyes on my very own 
Zucchini Ricotta Galette. 
Yes, that's mine!

The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen
The secret to this divine pie was using cold cold cold flour and butter, a bit of sour cream and lemon juice in the crust gives it croissant-like flakiness

Best Crust and savory pie 
I've ever made. Period.

FiberArt International was exciting. 
I liked most of the art and disliked a few. 
Wondered why a few pieces were in the show. (I'm not sayin' which) 
Overall here are my grades:
Grade A on the show on a scale of A through F
Grade B on the catalog. 

I want more information about the artists process. 
The labels for the artworks did not give enough information

Exhibition information
 2 venues while in Pittsburgh, you must go to both to see the entire show.

and Society for Contemporary Craft
the show will be in Pittsburgh until August 22, 2010 when it goes on tour:
Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester
Rochester, New York
April 30 - July 3, 2011
San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design
San Francisco, California
October 13, 2011 - January 15, 2012