Cybèle Young makes me happy

Cybèle Young
Currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conservation Piece
Japanese paper and copperplate etchings
45" x 68" x 6" framed
Where's My List?
Japanese paper 
Approximately 7 x 2 x 1"

I'm sure it'll fit (black)
 2009, Mixed Media

All images © Cybèle Young

I remember seeing the top artwork called Conservation Piece at SOFA Chicago in 2007.  Cybèle attended the Ontario  College of Art in Toronto, Ontario and majored in sculpture and printmaking. 
I like the way she handles paper. 
It is lovely, refreshing and makes me happy.

I hope it makes you happy too.

See more paper sculptures, prints, paintings, drawings and even books that she has illustrated on her whimsical website here