Bittersweet Endings

The old house 
Southeastern Ohio, USA
July 2, 2010

The house where my mother-in-law grew up with her 4 brothers and where my husband would venture into his grandmothers kitchen to decide whether he'd eat dinner there or his own house across the field (depending on which meal he liked better!)

Where Uncle Jack the veterinarian doctored animals and patched humans at their own risk. 

and where is dad and other men gathered to catch a cool drink in the little store on the property. 
Perhaps after having delivered milk to the local shops and residents of the nearby town.
The apple and peach trees are gone spare just 2.
The old Zane's Trace  running through the property still struggles to make itself evident amid heavy overgrowth.
A tall old pine tree stands as the proud witness to the past and the future.

I captured several old perennials years ago and they now reside in my garden in Cleveland. 
I wish I could capture this place in it's prime. 
We wish you well and a rebirth with new owners.