You already have the gold coins beneath you

My dining table this afternoon post lunch
Picture of my dining table today after having lunch today with my good friend Mary Beth who was back in town from Germany, her mother and my mom. 
I love to eat and to cook and to bake. 
Those are homemade meringues that I served this way: smashed into real whipped cream and smothered in chunks of fresh strawberries. It's called Eton Mess courtesy Design Sponge
Have you ever seen such glorious white roses? 
Mary Beth presented me with these beauties.
It's grand to reunite with friends.
Next week I'll reunited with several lovely women I met last year.
We'll be eating good food and 
walking in the the woods 
dyeing silk with natural materials
hand stitching
perhaps some felting?

Days like these remind me of the how good life is I hope you find time for yourself.

Thank you for reading my blog and for making comments to connect with me and others. 

You already have the gold coins beneath you, of presence, creativity, intimacy, time for wonder, and nature, and life.
Read more here.
Credit to my friend Christy  for pointing me this link written by Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird. 

I'll be back in a week.