Walking a Viaduct

On Friday I took an opportunity to walk the Detroit -Superior Bridge Viaduct in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Closed to the public, it was a private walk for invited artists to discuss art and theatre installations for Ingenuity Fest Cleveland this September.
I missed the deadline to apply for a spot, but there's always next year. 
I am inspired by this place.
See for yourself.
The red arrows indicate the Viaduct 
(under the main bridge).
Construction of the bridge began in 1914 and was completed the year my mother was born in 1918.
this image is from The Cleveland Memory Project circa 1978

My pics

Looking through the floor you can see the Cuyahoga River

Subway tiles and columns remain

Parts of the old brick floor and trolly rails remain

Sorry for this blurry pic, it shows stairs that have been blocked off with a fence (see it in the shadow). There is a natural spring beneath this section of the bridge and this stairwell was filled with water. 
I'd love to dye cloth using that mineral-rich water.

I'd like to take bits and pieces of detritus from the floor of the Viaduct and use them to make marks on fabric. The fabric would be suspended in the art installation area.