A Story of Two Blues

Inspiration from 
India Flint's book, Eco-Colour
I finished reading the book this morning and decided to use these wonderful plants as the start of my eco-dye investigations.

I have two Iris Japonica plants growing along side my house. 
Initially received as tubers as a gift years ago from my sister, Marianne.
One is bluer than the other.
I collected some spent flowers and some quite in bloom.
My dear 91 year old mother, Bertha, deconstructed some old silk shirts I picked up at the 2nd-hand store. (washed)
Keeping the 2 Blues separated, we spread some of the brilliant blues onto damped silk.
and wrapped them into bundles.

 and placed them into 2 separate jars with the remaining blue bits to swish around in the water.
and covered with plastic.
To cook in the sun for the next several weeks.
Stay tuned for a blue hue unveiling.

Bertha says, "We waste a lot of time and don't realize it".
I say...
Make some color with time.