Wall Fall

IN my post the other day, I said I was hijacked and going with the flow.

Artist Nami Yamamoto gave a lecture hosted by the Textile Art Alliance at the Cleveland Museum of Art  on Wednesday evening, after which I was asked to attend a workshop beginning the very next 2 days on the site of the Cleveland Heights Library.
I said yes.
I thought that we were going to work together on ONE piece. 
I couldn't imagine that each participant could possibly make an artwork installation within 2 days with absolutely no prior planning.
On Thursday morning, Nami showed us examples of installation artworks by various artists and gave us a super-quick run-down on how to make a 4-way repeat pattern.
We each created a repeat pattern and it helped to free my brain up for what was to come.
By noon, I was ready.
I took a walk outside around the Library building and picked up 2 things

Some large seed pods
the leaves of the 'Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ growing through a fence in the parking lot.

Nami said I picked these things up for a reason, so just go with it.

I made a quick sketch of how I visualized what shape I would use as a repeat pattern and how the installation might look.
I found a bolt of fabric in the collection of odds and ends we had access to.

One person brought a huge roll of fabric that had been coated with some type of stiffener.
The bolt of material came from the old Carnegie Textile Mill in Cleveland when they offered all their mill-ends to artists through Zerolandfill rather than to add it to the dump.

The fabric is 37" wide.
I used 3 separate strips, each 13 feet long and began to make cuts using a craft knife.

Here, I've started to make cuts in the fabric.
This is what it looked like on the table. Look at all those lovely curls! I installed the pieces in a room adjacent to the computers that the library allows patrons to use for free. 
A picture in the space I was given to install my work.
Love how the back side evokes the Stella D'oro leaves
And the lovely shadows
Some children came into the room and said, look mom! Water!

The title of this piece is Wall Fall
Size: 111" wide 12' long

This piece will be up for the next 6 weeks. 

I'll post pictures of the other works created later this week.

OH...I made a second piece from tulle and organza and completed it late Friday evening - Sat. morning.
Here is a sneek peak.

More later
ta ta