Art Installation Part Two

Christine Mauersberger
Temporary Art Installation
Cleveland Heights Library
Cleveland Hts, Ohio USA

I pinned organza and tulle to the wall adjacent my other piece Wall Fall
Welcome Universe Dreaming

You can see a horizontal cork-covered bracket on the wall, I just worked the space as if it weren't there.

Pinning the fabric to the wall took several hours.
Cutting the fabric and printing spirograph images took much longer. 
Many a laborious hour was spent determining how to print and how to cut the shear fabrics.
I did all that work in 2007, when I was contemplating how to make transparency and layering effects in 3 dimensions.
If anyone is interested in a tutorial on how to make and cut perfect circles 
I can be coaxed to show a step-by-step.

Just wonder what bait you'd offer me!