Textile Tipple Art Part II

Mary Ann Tipple
Part II
One Windy Day
This is a photo she bought in a flea market. 
Cotton sheeting, acrylic paint, xerox copies, paint sticks, cotton duck 
39.75" H x 34.5" W; June 2008

I think she captured washday beautifully.
Fancy Coat

Painted tissue paper, acrylic paint, paint sticks, xerox copy, cotton duck
69" H x 30.5; July 2009

This is a  large image of Mary Ann's mom wearing a fancy coat.
I remember seeing her work on this piece when we were both in 2 different workshops at QSDS  last year.

This piece is about breast cancer

Details of Cancer piece
Things your Mother Warned You About: Older Men
that's Mary Ann's aunt, but the man isn't her uncle!

Things your Mother Warned You About: Drinking
Things your Mother Warned You About: Smoking
View of the Gallery Corridor
View of the Gallery Corridor

Mary Ann made some little 5" x 5" collage pieces, they're located at the entrance to the building
and she's selling them for only $20.00 each! a bargain.
Mary Ann Tipple has a sweet gallery exhibit at The Gathering Place in Westlake Ohio. I made a visit with my friend Joan and we were smitten with her show.
See more of her work here
And if you're within driving distance, I encourage you to see the exhibit in person.