Marks From Her Yard

Katherine Allen
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
Bubble and Revel 33.5"x50"

Acrylic Paint ; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Applique, Three Layers, Machine Stitching, 2007
When I worked for the Art Curator at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, 
I selected and arranged for the purchase of this lovely piece.
I do recall the staff surrounding me and thought it was a painting! 
They were so very happy. 
It is more beautiful in person, the gray color in this piece is a silver and has just a hint of shine, the green is a nubby silk fabric, subtle and glorious. Bubble and Revel indeed!

Blue Moon 51"x49"

Acrylic Paint; Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Hand Stitching, 2009
Interweave 33"x41"

Acrylic Paint & Screen Print Inks on Silk, Three Layers, Machine and Hand Stitching, 2010

All images © Katherine K. Allen

I emailed Katherine in 2007 after I saw one of her pieces at Fiber Art International in Pittsburgh, PA. She agreed to a sale of Bubble and Revel (above ) for the hospital. 
Katherine told me that the leaves and bits and pieces in her work come directly from her yard. She uses them as a stencil of sorts as she prints the images onto fabric. 
I have yet to meet her in person, however, someday, perhaps we will. 
Please visit more of her intriguing art work here.