What mark do you make that has life-long resonance?

A few small masks I made 19 years ago.

Mask, 4" x 2" x 1/2"deep, 1991
© Christine Mauersberger

Mask, 4" x 2" x 1/2"deep, 1991
© Christine Mauersberger
 Three Masks, approximately 6" diameter x 1" deep, 1991
This photo is from a newspaper clipping at the Cleveland Plain Dealer 1991.
Private Collection K. Taber
© Christine Mauersberger
Last week I was asked about masks that I used to make. These masks came out of my printmaking explorations. 

Flattered and a bit wistful, I pulled out the remaining few I have.

I hope to re-engage in the mask making process. 

Mark making continues to hold tremendous appeal for me. 
As much as weaving did when I was 19 in 1989 see here.

I'm interested in hearing from you:
I posit that what you were interested in as a child or young adult is what still holds your interest and is possibly what feeds you as an adult.

What thread of continuity do you find in your art? 

Do you look back at what you were doing as a younger person and  find that it resonates for you today?

What mark do you make?

Please share this post with other people. I'd like to write an article about my results.

If you're a young person, what do you expect you'll be making in the future that has ties to what you're doing today?