Exploring the use of craft mediums as a means of artistic expression
March 19 - April 11, 2010
Wall Eye Gallery, Cleveland, OH USA

A few images inside the gallery today, Sunday, March 21, 2010.
The opening reception on Friday night hosted well over 300 people.  It was quite overwhelming to see so many people out and about. 
The gallery itself is an old speakeasy and has a lower level that has a nice vibe.
Many thanks to Stephanie Lipscomb and Linda Ayala for selected my work to be included in this show celebrating Woman's History month.

I pieced together a few pictures of the gallery. 
Foreground: Sara Rabinowitz (triage cots) 
Left to Right:Linda Ayala (crocheted piece)my work, Georgianne Wanous (weavings) other works you can't quite see by Christy Gray (quilts), Stephanie Lipscomb (mixed media quilts) and Jennifer Whitten (beaded assemblages).
My pieces

Sara Rabinowitz (triage cots) foreground, Rebecca Cross, Shibori Shape resist pieces on the back wall. Smaller works by Emily Felderman and Jennifer Whitten.
In the lower gallery work by Christy Gray, Jennifer Whitten and Emily Felderman.

Linda Ayala, Crocheted piece approximately 8' diameter
Christine Mauersberger, Redland IIwork on paper, 11" x 17". (left) 
Redland IIembroidery, linen, mounted on industrial wool felt, 20" x 20".(right)

Christine Mauersberger, Crossroads, work on paper, 8" x 11". (top) 
Crossroads Map I, embroidery, linen, mounted on industrial wool felt, 9" x 9". (bottom)
Christine Mauersberger, Redlandwork on paper, 11" x 17". (left) 
Redland Map I,  embroidery, linen, mounted on industrial wool felt, 20" x 20". (right)
Christine Mauersberger, Redland Map II
hand-dyed cotton, embroidery, linen, mounted on industrial wool felt, 20" x 20"

Christine Mauersberger,  Crossroads Map II,  embroidery, linen, mounted on industrial synthetic felt, 6" x 6"
I made jewelry with materials from my drawings.

And packaged them.