Obsessive Color Cuts

Jen Stark
Miami, FL, USA
Prismatic / 19" x 19" x 4" / hand-cut paper / 2009
Coriolis Effect / 12" x 12" / hand-cut paper / 2007

Plasmascopic / 36" x 19" x 3" / hand-cut paper / 2009

I like Jen Stark's art.
I became aware of her work in 2007-08. 
She has a BFA  in Fibers/Animation concentration. 

From an interview found on the Miami New Times
Why paper? “The fact that it’s so common and universal,” Stark says. “People see it on a daily basis.”
And why the obsessive patterns? According to Stark, they were inspired by the anatomical cross sections pictured in the medical textbooks her sister, a doctor, brought home.
It takes Stark a couple of weeks to create one small work: “It’s pretty crazy,” she says. “It’s meditative.”
Please see more of her colorful work here.