Networked and Stacked

Derick Melander
born in Saratoga Springs, NY
Lives in New York City, NY, USA

Universal Set, 2008

Size: 12" x 9' x 6' (H x W x D) Materials: White Sneakers; Work Boots 

Universal Set: Drawing.
A network of ordinary shoes. The laces do not function in their expected fashion,
but instead bind adjacent shoes together. This process is repeated, creating a "daisy chain" effect.
Flesh of My Flesh
approximate Size: 10-12' x 2' x 2' (H x W x D)
Filter, approximate Size: 8.5' x 11' x 1' (H x W x D) FRONT
All images © Derik Melander
Derick Melander uses second hand clothing to in his sculptures that as he says, 
"explores the conflicted space between society and the individual, between the self and the outside world. " 
A meaningful mark in my book.

See his video about a recent work that will without a doubt, make you think a bit about humanity. Into the Fold. A sculpture from 3,615 pounds of second hand clothing.  
Representing the amount of textile waste created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes.  
Check it out here.