Snow Persists. Ice Melts. Minds Think.

Snow persists in my yard...
Snow Rose, C. Mauersberger, 2010
Snow Seat. C. Mauersberger, 2010
...and ice melts
Katharina Ludwig

photos: K. Ludwig
Katharina Ludwig exemplifies water as a precious commodity. As the ice melts, the skin gets wet and may also leave small red mark.
It's an interesting idea to communicate the scarcity of water in many parts of our world.  
I am reminded that 1.5 million children  die each year due to lack of access to clean water.  

Katharina may not have intended to evoke my response, but her simple idea to freeze water for jewelry caused me to think about others today.

or perhaps she did.

See more of her innovative ideas on her site here
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