Philosopher of Drawing

George Mauersberger
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Wallflower 9, pastel on paper, 44" high x 30" wide, 2005 , Private Collection
Black 4, 56" high x 42" wide, Charcoal, 2001, Private Collection
Some people think this is a photograph...George rubbed loose charcoal into the surface of a huge piece of white paper, then removed charcoal using an eraser to reveal the image of the leather jacket. 

Angel, 40" high x 60" wide, Watercolor, 1992, Private Collection

I am pleased to announce a nice home for my husbands' artwork on the web.
Long overdue, but so worth the wait. I was happy to do this for him.

With each mark of the a piece of pastel, pencil, charcoal or stroke with the tip of watercolor brush, he immerses us with his own special take on photorealism.
Just when you think you can pull the tape off the stem of a rose on the wall, look further down and see that he has left scribbles on the page telling the viewer that it's a flat surface after all.

He is a Full Professor and Chair of the Art department at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Please pour yourself a nice hot cup of something warm and spend some time lingering over his work here
When you get to the site, click on any picture to zoom in for a closer look.