Wired Women's Work

Karen Searle
Minnesota, U.S.A.
How My Mother Dressed Me; Copper wire, hand knitting;40" long x 18" wide x 20" high 

Essence Installation Detail, Long Dress, bag, Shoe; Crocheted steel wire;  life-sized 

Essence Installation Detail, Boots; Crocheted steel wire;  life-sized 
All photos courtesy Karen Searle. Thank you Karen!

It’s not often that I find artwork that can speak to the feminine point of view without looking over-worked. Karen Searle  uses a great deal of self-editing and a fine sense of humor to form 3-D objects to make her ideas come to life.
She uses fiber skills historically found in “women’s work” such as knitting, hand-stitching, and weaving in ways that I find quite satisfying.
She has written over 5 books in the field of textiles and has written numerous articles  & essays for many of our favorite fiber related publications and catalogs.

Please take time to browse her site to learn more about this fascinating woman.
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