Leaves, Trees and Wattowers

Christy Gray
Bay Village, Ohio

Her Morning Scene, Hand-dyed fabric, cut, layered, stitched
33.5" x 20.5", April, 2009

Waiting to Be Kissed, Hand-dyed fabric, cut, layered, stitched
19"x 19", February, 2009
Selected for The Artist as Quiltmaker XIV in Oberlin Ohio (Exhibit this Spring,'09)

& After Awhile, Hand-dyed fabric,embroidered
9.5" x 7.5", 9.5" x 11.5", private collection
All images, courtesy, Christy Gray

Christy Gray uses her richly colored hand-dye fabrics to bring her drawings to life. She sketches her ideas in her favorite moleskine notebooks and translates them into much larger (and Colorful!) fabric works. Christy spends hours carefully cutting, layering, fusing and stitching the fabric pieces together.
She lives a wholesome artistic life, filled with a loving family, and cares deeply for our mother earth in ways I strive to emulate.
Christy's work makes me happy and I cherish her as my dear friend.
Her artwork is in both private and public collections.
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