Embroidered CMYK

Evelin Kasikov
lives/works in London, U.K.

Evelin Kasikov created a project for her MA at St. Martins in London that is thrilling to anyone who loves graphic design and textiles as much as I do.
I had a difficult time deciding what to show you, 
so here are random selections:

all photos courtesy Evelyn Kasikov
I am intrigued and admit full disclosure now that I am a bit jealous that she transformed the printing process into handmade cross-stitch embroidery. Bravo Evelin!
I urge you to spend time (run don't walk!) looking at her projects that include posters, sketchbooks, commissions and graphic design work.  Evelin is generous with her images and shows many views of her work with nice juicy detail.
Please rush over to her site to explore here.