Machine Stitched Marks

Inga Liksaite
Kaunas, Lithuania

Muse, 2003

Textile 1, 2005 

              Textile 1, 2005 (detail)                              Textile 1, 2005 (photo with people to show size)

To Be Continued..., 2005
Inga used glow-in-the-dark thread in this multi-paneled piece.
Permission for all photos: Inga Liksaite

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Inga Liksaite merges digital technology with traditional textile techniques to create a new vocabulary for fiber art. Images emerge from the flat surface by sewing lines with variance in their proximity to each other. The result evokes the fluid movements of pencil to paper.
Her innovative collaborations with filmmakers and other artists produce exciting results.
I met Inga in 2007 at the Pfaff Embroidery Challenge Exhibition in London, U.K. when she won the Grand Prize see herePlease visit her website here
Inga is on the cutting edge of textile art today.