Glass droplets, Finished boxes & a Hand-Embroidered Logo

Amy Holms
Fullerton, CA

Lampwork bead necklace
Image via Amy Holms  
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Circles and glass, what a fine combination.The glass jewelry made by Amy Holms makes me want to feel in on my skin. As I trolled around her website, I found that she is fabulously multi-talented. Please read on.

Finished boxes...
Yes, she's an architect.

Look at her architectural work here.

Remixed Logo...

Could Amy be a textile artist too?

All images courtesy © Amy Holms

This is an image created for the new Depeche Mode album that she worked on with her husband. She hand-embroidered the lines in floss onto a linen background. See more about this project here.

Amy has a Masters of Architecture from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Art from Smith College in Massachusetts.

She lives in Fullerton, CA with her husband, Corey Holms and their twin girls. Based on her  websiteblog and architectural work, I can see why she says she never sleeps. 

Any time Amy wants to sit and throw a few stitches in with me, she's more then welcome.